Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Location

The keys have officially been turned in to the, we have no place to worship this Sunday but our own. Because of this, volunteers and the contractors are working nearly around the clock to meet this weekend's deadline. Here's what's happening...

Tonight, Andrew and the band set up shop and played a short set of music to see and hear how things might sound. The good news-it all works so we'll be ready to go this Sunday. The bad news - it's a little loud so we'll have to make sure we get the sound toned down a bit. We'll figure it out. It's a new venue so we expect these sort of issues especially when it comes to getting the sound right.

Tonight, we also got started painting some bright "robin hood" red on the walls downstairs. It looks great, fun, and I'm pretty sure the kids will like it. We should be able to finish the first coat tomorrow and put a second coat on it on Saturday.

For those of you looking for an opportunity to help out, you can show up Saturday morning for either some painting or the fun job of putting together furniture. Take your pick - it all needs to get done.

Lastly, if you know anyone who wasn't there in the last couple of weeks, please help me get the message out that we are having services at our Wilson Ave. Campus (5440 Wilson Ave.) We'd hate for them to show up at the old location.

Thanks for all your help.