Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A False Hope

As I explained on Sunday, in my view, one of the biggest problems with dispensational teaching is that it gives people a false hope. In other words, if it is wrong (which I think it is) then you're telling people that they have a second chance, a second opportunity to make things right with God. While this might make for a good read, such as in the case of the Left Behind series of books written by Lahaye and Jenkins, I'm pretty sure it's not a correct reading of Scripture.

Under this scope of teaching, knowing that there is a rapture, I could theoretically live my life the way I wanted to all the while knowing that I'll get another opportunity after the others have been snatched away. Yes, I'll have to endure the 7 years of tribulation, however, I'd rather live my life selfishly rather than live in preparation for Jesus' second coming. After my friends, family members, and others are raptured out of this world into heavenly bliss, then I'll know it's time to get serious.

Anyway, these are my problems with this teaching, not to mention that read historically and contextually, the typical "rapture" texts are something all-together different, and should be read as such.

Think on these things until next time...