Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Dirty Life

This week in our series Beautiful Disaster we are talking about sin and its effects on us as believers. In light of this, I would encourage you to take a look at John Wesley's take in his sermon titled On Sin in Believers. Wesley's sticky statement or big idea that continued throughout his ministry was that "while sin remains, it does not reign." That's essentially the nuts and bolts of this sermon but you should check it out for yourself.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tower Coffee Update!

Some of you have been wondering how things are looking. We'll we're getting there slowly but surely. I've included here a couple of pictures of the Coffee Bar as it stands. The laminate is here and ready to go and should be on very soon.

Here's a picture of the counter that you would
see as you walk in.

Here's a view of the coffebar from the middle of the floor. The back window will soon be covered as well. Soon, a Tower like shape will take form in the middle that will create a coffee bar completely unique in design.

I'll publish more pictures in the days ahead to keep everyone posted.
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Birthday

Today, somebody told me it was my birthday. I guess they were right but when you're in your thirties, birthdays don't have the same pizazz that they once did. I remember the days when birthdays were magical - when I couldn't stand to have to wait until after school to open my presents. But then, and slowly, the presents quit coming. Nevertheless, we don't quit getting older. In fact, the years seem to come quicker. I'm sorry for sounding a little melancholy but I am thirty-seven after all.

Enough said, today was a great day! I was busy though. Here's what I did:

I spent the morning meeting with a couple who are hoping to get married in the Spring. This was my first time meeting them and we had a really good conversation.

I had a chance to serve at God's Kitchen -something we at The Voyage Church get to do once a month. By the way, if you've never served here before, you won't be disappointed.

I got a chance to throw the football around with my two boys, Mitch and Josh. Joy wanted to play as well so she threw a few to me too. Not a bad arm, I must say and pretty fast too.

I helped set up for tomorrows worship service. We're in the midst of transition so I wanted to make sure I had everything ready to go so that Sunday morning could be as stress free as possible.

We ended with a pickup game of basketball. Now I'm really tired...

Still, a great birthday! And did I mention that I had my favorite meal for dinner. Yes, you guessed it - Pizza.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tower Coffee Update

Things are coming along as we get ready for the launch of Tower Coffee and The Voyage Church later this Fall at our Wilson Ave. Campus. Recently I met with the Health Department and discovered a few interesting tidbits that I was hoping to stay away from. We will have to be inspected twice annually and will have to be inspected prior to opening. I don't think this will delay things any but I've got a ream of paperwork to fill out in the days ahead.

The Coffee Bar is just about finished. It's BIG and will prove to be expandable as we delve further and further into the coffee business. After this, the tile floor will be done next followed by the windows and the wood flooring. The carpet in the stage area will be done last. The painting will be done some time in the midst of all that.

Last week, Jody and John Bacinski accompanied Cara and myself to Chicago to visit a coffeehouse church in the Roger's Park area. The church and coffeehouse is run by John and Ruth Hoekwater who are from the Grand Rapids area. John was the pastor of West Leonard Christian Reformed Church some time ago. Just over a year ago, they realized their dream of offering Coffee and Christ as they opened up The Common Cup coffeehouse. It was a great visit and we learned lots.

That's all for now!

Until next time...

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Messy Life

Sometimes it seems like the ordered and mess free life is what it's all about. Let's face it; many of us wouldn't mind it if our lives were free from the mundane and free from the messes that we often find ourselves in. Still, while I believe this was God's original intent, life after the apple has no such guarantees. In fact, the only guarantee is that our lives will be filled with chaotic and disordered moments. There's really no getting around it. Nevertheless, I'm confident that it's in the mess of our lives that God's grace and power is no more evident. Somehow and in someway, God uses these tough times to strengthen us, to shape our character in ways that the 'good times' of life would never do. It's in those moments when our ability to persist is tested that our character is largely shaped. Somehow, through the grace and power of God, our lives keep going and going despite the disorder. So, when life gets crazy and chaos ensues, know that God is using those times to mold and shape us in new and often remarkable ways. Trust me, you will never be the same again...