Friday, September 19, 2008

Tower Coffee Update

Things are coming along as we get ready for the launch of Tower Coffee and The Voyage Church later this Fall at our Wilson Ave. Campus. Recently I met with the Health Department and discovered a few interesting tidbits that I was hoping to stay away from. We will have to be inspected twice annually and will have to be inspected prior to opening. I don't think this will delay things any but I've got a ream of paperwork to fill out in the days ahead.

The Coffee Bar is just about finished. It's BIG and will prove to be expandable as we delve further and further into the coffee business. After this, the tile floor will be done next followed by the windows and the wood flooring. The carpet in the stage area will be done last. The painting will be done some time in the midst of all that.

Last week, Jody and John Bacinski accompanied Cara and myself to Chicago to visit a coffeehouse church in the Roger's Park area. The church and coffeehouse is run by John and Ruth Hoekwater who are from the Grand Rapids area. John was the pastor of West Leonard Christian Reformed Church some time ago. Just over a year ago, they realized their dream of offering Coffee and Christ as they opened up The Common Cup coffeehouse. It was a great visit and we learned lots.

That's all for now!

Until next time...