Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inspiration or Lack Thereof

In all honesty, I've not been all that inspired as of late to write here a whole lot here on the Fuse. Not sure why, but inspiration to do anything can be a bit sporadic at times.  Such is the case with blogging.  Blogging, in all honesty, is probably one of those fads that will eventually go by the wayside.  Yes, everyone does it now but wait a couple of more years and let's track how many are actually blogging.  Anyway, here's some of my common excuses for not blogging as they relate to inspiration:

1.  Too many other things to do (Honestly, I do have other responsibilities).
2.  I may think it, I just don't feel like sharing it by writing it out.
3.  Too tired when I do get the inspiration (This usually happens around 10 pm when I'm truly not at my best and when I'm less likely to pull out the old laptop to share)
4.  Truly don't have anything of substance to share.

So, if I'm not blogging, faithful readers, don't take it personal.  I just don't want to saddle you with a bunch of rubbish.