Friday, July 02, 2010

What I'm Listening to

From time to time, I get the question - Hey, Jeff, what music are you listening to right now? What's in your CD Player in the car? What's on your ipod, etc...? So, here's my TOP 3 of what I'm currently listening to right now (NOTE: What I'm listening to changes all the time).

The Holmes Brothers - Feed My Soul
Brothers Wendell and Sherman Holmes sing the Blues, interlacing several genres of music therein including a heavy dose of Gospel. This one's been out for a few months now but just now getting to it. Really good stuff!

The Freelance Whales - Weathervanes
Described by some as handclapping Indie-Pop, this New York based band has released an outstanding debut. Worth checking out - trust me!

Crooked Still - Some Strange Country
Ever since they joined me in studio a few months ago, I've really been turned on to this Boston-based five-some. Classified as Alternative Bluegrass, these guys and gals have released a truly GREAT album with this their fourth full-length release.