Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Birthday

Today, somebody told me it was my birthday. I guess they were right but when you're in your thirties, birthdays don't have the same pizazz that they once did. I remember the days when birthdays were magical - when I couldn't stand to have to wait until after school to open my presents. But then, and slowly, the presents quit coming. Nevertheless, we don't quit getting older. In fact, the years seem to come quicker. I'm sorry for sounding a little melancholy but I am thirty-seven after all.

Enough said, today was a great day! I was busy though. Here's what I did:

I spent the morning meeting with a couple who are hoping to get married in the Spring. This was my first time meeting them and we had a really good conversation.

I had a chance to serve at God's Kitchen -something we at The Voyage Church get to do once a month. By the way, if you've never served here before, you won't be disappointed.

I got a chance to throw the football around with my two boys, Mitch and Josh. Joy wanted to play as well so she threw a few to me too. Not a bad arm, I must say and pretty fast too.

I helped set up for tomorrows worship service. We're in the midst of transition so I wanted to make sure I had everything ready to go so that Sunday morning could be as stress free as possible.

We ended with a pickup game of basketball. Now I'm really tired...

Still, a great birthday! And did I mention that I had my favorite meal for dinner. Yes, you guessed it - Pizza.