Monday, November 10, 2008

God Still Speaks!

As I reflect on what Pastor Jody preached yesterday, we can indeed rejoice in the fact that God does still speak! I for one rarely hear his voice because I can't sit still long enough to hear it. Yes, somehow I've been wired with a pretty short attention span (adult ADD if you'd like) and so I have a hard time with keeping my mouth shut or my attention focused long enough to hear clearly. Yes, I do hear HIM in small doses but it's never been the audible kind like Moses heard.

I wonder if we don't hear God in such crystal clear ways anymore (perhaps you do but I think most people don't) because we so easily turn to other places for answers for life's concerns. I mean, who else did Moses have to turn to? His wife, his brother? Perhaps, but he certainly didn't walk over to the bookshelf and grab a book that might answer his question or concern. He more than likely didn't go to where he typed in his question and was instantly rewarded with a solution to his problem. While some have looked for love in all the wrong places, maybe we as Christians look for answers in all the wrong places.

In football, the sign of a good quarterback is one who can survey the whole field over and against the quarterback who locks his attention on one receiver thereby making the task of the defensive player a whole lot easier. Still, that takes practice. Most of us aren't born with this trait. A quarterback needs to feel comfortable and needs to train themselves to look over the whole field.

And, unfortunately after the apple, most of us aren't wired to turn to God first and foremost. Our bent is towards the self and we rarely seek God's take on matters as a first priority. Like the quarterback, we need to train ourselves. We need to develop that habit to turn to God first, not second, third, or even worse - as our last ditch effort.

Make no mistake about it, God will speak to us. Perhaps the bigger question, and the most complex to answer is "Do we want to hear?" Do we really want to hear what God has to say? Maybe this is the real reason behind our desire to look elsewhere. We're afraid to hear what God has to say.

Just some thoughts to ponder. Think on these things...