Saturday, October 27, 2007

Church Planting

I'm back! After three fun filled days of assessing potential church planters, I've made it back with little time to spare in preparation for Sunday. Thankfully I have a great team in place that has made my Sunday mornings a lot easier of late.

After being assessed myself only five months ago, it was a bit surreal being on the other side as an assessor. As I sat there, I suddenly realized the immensity of the task that we were called to perform - in the end to tell the candidates whether or not they could be a church planter based on what we (the assessors) saw during the course of the three days. It was an awesome responsibility and it was great to hear about their life stories and how it is they made it to this point in their life where they were willing to step out in faith as potential church planters. As God's word states, the harvest is plenty, but the workers are few. We need more and more people to step out in faith and follow after God's leading.

Overall, it was a great movement to be part of and I look forward to doing it again.