Thursday, December 04, 2008

Making Coffee

Today is the day that Jody and I learn how to make coffee! Yes, I know how to make coffee but not espresso, lattes, and the other more prevalent and popular drinks that many people love to drink. So, out comes Rodney Hensley, roaster and owner of Sozo's coffee, whom we'll be buying our beans from as we open Tower Coffee here in a few weeks.

Here's a few things we need yet that we really don't have money for. Please pray for funds to purchase the following:

1. An upright fridge (21 cubits) commercial and NSF approved (@ $1000)

2. An under the counter fridge that is also NSF approved (@600)

3. A 50 gallon and 50,ooo BTU Water heater (@$500)

Until we get these items, the Health Dept. will not allow us to move forward. Please pray for provision. We're close but still need to press on...

Thanks for your continued prayers, support, and hard work in the days past as well as for all you will do in the days ahead.