Wednesday, December 10, 2008

False Alarms

It was one o'clock or something like that when the phone rang. The time in the night when either it's a wrong number (which your hoping for) or something bad has happened. Last night it was the latter, or so I thought. The security company of the church was calling me to let me know that the motion detector had detected motion (as it should) at the front entrance to our building. I immediately, albeit groggily and hesitantly, made my 10 minute jaunt up to the church. When I got there, everything looked fine. I opened the doors and disarmed the security system and took a look around. Honestly, I expected the worst. Some broken glass or something of that sort. I was pleasantly surprised to see everything intact. I could also tell that only one car had been up there before myself - the snow falling made this easy enough. I could also see tracks all around the church from one person. I assume (although we know where that often gets you) that these were the police officer's tracks as they would normally be dispatched in such a case. Anyway, after making sure all was well, I took off in hopes of resuming my sleep back at home. Problem is, my adrenaline was jacked up a little too high for me to get back to sleep. A long night to say the least.

This morning I got another call from Pastor Jody. She too was called last night about the alarm. She too, being the valiant warrior that she is, made her sleepy body up to the church to check things out. She too saw nothing amiss and went home. I'm not sure what kind of lesson we're to take from such an experience. There's gotta be something...