Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Search for Peace

It seems that we're all searching for a little peace in our lives. We're all searching for some sense of normalcy in the midst of the circumstances that we find ourselves in. For some of us, our jobs have been lost. This, of course, means coming to terms with the reality that what we've done for a number of years we won't be doing again. And the reality is that an uncertain future brings no small measure of concern and consternation. For others, maybe we've faced a health crisis recently that has thrown us for a loop. Our family has been hit by this in the past week, albeit mildly, creating dis-function and disarray that includes a heap of laundry that never stops building. I can only imagine what it must be like for those families that spend weeks and months at the hospital with little or no idea when they'll get to return to the "normal" life. So, how do we find a measure of peace within such dim and dire circumstances?

Simply put, we quite trying to solve these problems on our own (especially those problems that we have absolutely no control over) and turn these into opportunities for God to work. When we fully surrender to God and allow him to work, suddenly the burdensome nature of our problems goes away. I've been there myself a time or two and, while it's not necessarily easy to do, it's the only way to find peace.

Very few of us are without some problem, situation, bad relationship, etc... in our lives that can quickly steal away the joy that we are to have as followers of Christ. If we allow it to get the best of us, it will. If we turn these problems into opportunities for God to work, we soon find peace returning to an otherwise unpeaceful life. Yes, we can find hope amidst sorrow. Yes, we can find a measure of calm despite the cards that we've recently been dealt.

So, if you're facing some tough days ahead of you, know that the Prince of Peace is willing and able to provide the peace that goes beyond understanding. It's certainly a peace that we are all searching for, and it's a peace that we can find if we will only surrender.