Friday, October 03, 2008

Standard Operating Procedures

This week as been crazy busy with not a lot of downtime to say the least. All of the paperwork for the Kent County Health Department was completed and finally turned in. It feels like Graduate School all over again with the sudden relief of turning in a semester ending research paper. Despite our best efforts to keep the Health Department out of things, we had to bite the bullet and go this route. I honestly didn't know that there was so many standard operating procedures from everything to washing one's hands to dealing with sick employees and volunteers. The Health Dept. will make a final inspection on the coffee end of things before we can officially open as Tower Coffee. We are hoping for the 1st or 2nd week in November for this.

Last week, we found the Espresso Machine and some other items we needed including a cash register and credit card machine. Unfortunately, The Lodge Coffeehouse (on 4 mile just off of Alpine) is no longer in business, but they have truly blessed us with some great equipment at a really reasonable price. So, now we have essentially everything we need to make any and all kinds of coffee. We're still looking for another grinder for our coffee but as far as equipment goes, we could pretty much open tomorrow if we had the go ahead.

Lastly, the logo is almost done. I'll post this as it comes to completion in the next day or so. Thanks for all your input, suggestions, etc... when it comes to this.

Until next time....