Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My Day Off

I have to admit, one of the things that's hardest for me to do is take a FULL day off from church related stuff. I like to be busy but being busy about the right kind of stuff can often be a challenge. Too often I find myself spending time on the mundane and rather unimportant matters and too little time on the things that do matter. So, in light of that, yesterday I attempted to take the whole day off. And it mostly went really well. I had a few small moments when church stuff tried to work itself back into my day but mostly I was able to stay out of it. So, you ask, what does a pastor do on a day off? Here's what I did:

I took my three boys (Mitch, Josh, and Zach) to school like I normally do. After this, I went home and sat down with a cup of coffee and my Bible for a few minutes. Normally I do this, but not usually back at home. After this, I think I read for a while, talked with my wife, and played with my daughter Hope until she fell asleep. When she fell asleep, I decided to listen to a little music which I often love to do. This is how I wind down and get out of the muck and mud of life. I lose myself in the music. I wrote a review for Marc Broussard's latest album (overall really good) and began to listen to a band from New Orleans called The Iguana's whom I am also planning on writing a review for. Not really my style, but not bad either. Later that afternoon, I picked up my son Mitch from soccer practice. He plays or practices 4 days a week now. After this, we all sat down to eat some leftovers that my Mom gave us from the night before (Thanks Mom!) The roast tasted almost as good as the day before when we ate at my Mom and Dad's after church. After this, it was on to homework with the kids. After bedtime, Cara and I sat down and watched a little TV - Dancing with the Stars. Not my favorite but still somewhat enjoyable to watch. So, in a nutshell, that was my day off. Not real fancy, but that's okay. I probably should have done more around the house but that would be work, right! Oh well, maybe I'll do better next week.