Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hard Work!

Why is it that things that seem so simple (like tearing out a ceiling) can turn into a far bigger project than one could ever imagine. Why is carpet hard to get up and why does wallpaper stick so well when you don't want it to and peel off when you don't want it to. These are the conundrums of life that I guess we just need to deal with. Nevertheless, it reminds me of the spiritual life a little bit.

For instance, why is being a Christian so tough? How is it that Christians still fall (sometimes over and over again)? It seems like life should be easier for us after we decide to follow after Jesus. But the reality is that it rarely works this way. Christian's still face addictions; Christians still have problems; and Christians don't have it all together. So, while we experience the wonderful adventure of Christianity, we can expect a hiccup now and then. While we might move forward spiritually, we might also take a few steps backwards at times. Nevertheless, God expects us to press on despite our challenges. After all, God promises that it's to those born of God that will in the end overcome the world.

So, whether tearing down ceilings or facing the guilt of sin, know that God calls us to get back up! This is how we overcome the world. We get back up and continue despite the resistance. Let's keep up the fight!