Monday, January 21, 2008


Reminiscing (I think I spelled that right) is something I do on a regular basis. I think this makes me like my dad. He likes to reminisce too. For seven years, our family has lived out of state you might say. We've lived in Kentucky and New Jersey - places that I did relatively little reminiscing in simply because life was so busy that I rarely had time to think on what used to be back home in West Michigan.

But today, living in the same neck of the woods where I grew up, to reminisce is something that I can easily do. As I drive through the parts that I used to frequent as a child, I find myself thinking on what used to be. As I eat at a restaurant that my friends and I used to frequent during our high school years, I can't help but think on times past. Thankfully, for me these were mostly good times and so I'm not hindered by a past that I'd rather forget. As I think on this, I've discovered that what I miss most about those days are the people themselves. I miss my friends, the guys I used to hang out with. In some cases, I spent several years with these friends. And because of this, they and their lengthy history with me is not easily forgotten.

Just today, I made a connection with a friend that I haven't spoken with in probably eight years. Our lives went in different directions after High School and we quickly lost touch. It's great, though, to make contact once again and begin the possibility of renewing a friendship long lost.

I wonder if this is partially what Heaven will be like - reminiscing and hanging out with loved ones that have since departed for a better place. As I reminisce about my Grandma and Grandpa Bouma, and countless others, including my Father-in-Law who never had a chance to meet our five children, I hope so.