Thursday, January 10, 2008

Coffee and Church

Honestly, I spend a lot of time in local coffee shops around town. If you play your cards right, the refills are FREE and you can stay there for as long as you want. I'm used to working with noise (i.e. studying at home with children during graduate school) so I'm not bothered by the talking, music in the background or most everything else that goes on there. I can read, prepare for my next sermon, talk on the phone, and meet with others over a nice hot (it must be HOT!) cup of coffee.

In my neck of the woods, there's a coffee franchise that is popping up on seemingly every corner (Beaners which is now Bigbys) and I frequent it often in its various locations. As best as I can tell, there are 4 locations of this franchise within a 3 or 4 mile radius so I have my choice. One has more seating and comfortable surroundings. Another is close to my actual office but the atmosphere is not as favorable. Still another is way too small for regular visits. Today I'm sitting in another location (just opened) that has an interesting smell to it. What I mean is that a Subway is also part of this location. So, when I sit with my cup of coffee, I not only get the coffee smell, I also get the smell of Subway sandwiches. Not entirely bad, but different I must say. Interestingly, one also gets to watch TV at this location and listen to some pretty hip music. However, what I've noticed is that after an hour, the music repeats itself and you hear the same songs all over again - much like a bad radio station. So, while I was initially impressed with the music, I may have to leave soon due to its repetition. But wait...I've got an appointment with someone that just walked in so I guess I'll endure the music a little longer.