Friday, September 07, 2007

Screaming for Ice Cream Part 2

Last Friday, there was plenty of reason to be screaming for ice cream as The Voyage Church gave away over 300 FREE ice cream cones! I never thought giving something as cheap as a $1 ice cream cone could be so fun-but it was. In just over 2 hours we were able to connect with a lot of different families and to do so face-to-face made it that much more valuable. Our goal was twofold: To create an awareness of The Voyage Church and then also to send the message to the surrounding community that we care about them. As I mentioned in a recent article written about this event, it's so easy for us as churches to get caught up on themselves and move quickly inward. Our mission, on the otherhand, is to remain intentionally focused on making a difference in the community. I think this event captured the essence of what we want to be about as it leads into some really great discussion about the FREE grace of God.