Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rediscovering Church

I've been reading Neil Cole's book titled Organic Church and wanted to share a few insights from it. In particular, Cole offers us six myth-debunking truths about the church. Here they are:

One, the Church is a living organism, not a static institution. "It is time for the Church to get her hands dirty in the soil of lost people's lives."

Two, the Church is so much more than a building. "It is important to note that the early Church did not have any buildings for the first three-hundred plus years."

Three, the Church is not to be bound to a single location. "Where you worship is nothing compared to who it is you worship."

Four, the Church is much more than a one-hour service held one day a week. "It is a twenty-four-hour a day, seven-day-a-week expression of Christ's life in us."

Five, the Kingdom of God is meant to be decentralized, but people tend to centralize. "Jesus died so that those who believe can go everywhere with the power and presence of God."

Six, we are each God's temple and together we are also his temple. "Our hope of glory is not in the buildings we use but in the Master who is building His life in us."