Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pulling My Hair Out

Working at the coffeehouse helps me to do a lot of thinking. Thinking about what makes people tick, thinking about what makes me tick, thinking about the kind of music that MOST people like (as if that were possible) and wondering how the coming Easter season affects different people. For some, Easter is just another holiday that allows people to decorate in some fun sort of ways. For others, Easter takes on a religious meaning on par with Christmas.

The question perplexing me this morning is this: how to make the Easter message of redemption and hope in Christ, relevant to all? For the seasoned Christian, how do you make this message fresh? For the new believer, how do you share this message in a way that informs without giving too little meat to the maturing Christian? For the non-believer, how do you make share the message in a way that's attractive? All these questions and yet I don't have a lot of answers. But then I'm reminded of the fact that it's God's job to stir the hearts of the people. It's not what I say or do that will have any lasting effect. It's God's work on the people that will have a lasting effect. I'm only a vessel being used by God who is doing His work through me.

When you think about things that way, it does take a lot of the pressure off. Knowing that what I need to do is be faithful to what God has asked me to do. Knowing that what God convicts me of sharing is really all that matters. Instead of focusing on meeting everyone's needs, then, my prayer is that God would help me find the one message to share and then share it.

There, now I feel better!