Saturday, March 07, 2009

Loving What You Do (or Doing What You Love)

We we're talking about the difficulty of school with our kids this afternoon over lunch and also about the reality of what comes after school--a job of some sorts (although in today's economy that's not even a certain thing anymore). On the surface, it would seems like life gets tougher and tougher and that one's learning while in school never really ends as an individual finds themselves in a job which requires some form of continuing education. The idea of more school for my kids is especially repulsive as of late. So, what's the secret to getting through life if this is the way it works?

It's finding something that you love to do. Another way we could say it is that it's doing that which you love the most.

God has wired each of us a certain way and I'm confident God want's us doing that one thing that gets us up in the morning and that keeps us up late at night sometimes too. And I'm so thankful that I've found that! I honestly love what I do. I love pastoring. I love preparing weekly sermons. I love meeting new people. I love leading and being part of small groups.

I've had much and I've had little when it comes to money and I would much rather have little and love what I'm doing than to be miserable and bored with much. I think that's a valuable lesson for any kid whose pursuing their vocation after school. Find something your jazzed about, not something that you think will make you the most money. While money does help pay the bills, it truly isn't everything and it certainly will never be the "final answer" in life.