Thursday, February 07, 2008

Never Satisfied

For those of you that are kind enough to visit my blog on a regular basis, you've probably witnessed a different look on several occasions. Truth is, I'm rarely satisfied with the way my blog looks. And even when I do find some level of satisfaction, it's not long before I'm ready for a change and find myself on an all out pursuit to find the perfect template to fit true character of what I'm trying to say. What I've learned is that you can spend a ton of time looking in vain pursuit for such a look, but until I actually learn how to write the code for myself, I'll never be truly happy. And because I'll never probably spend the time to learn how to create my own template from scratch, I'll more than likely always be using some form of generic template. So, once again, I return to an old friend of mine that I find rather useful and the most aesthetically pleasing to my eye (for today anyway). We'll have to wait and see how I feel tomorrow.