Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Purpose of Prayer

I've been reading from a book on prayer that brings together a compilation of different writers - both old and new. In case you're interested, the name of the book is titled, The Contemporaries Meet the Classics on Prayer and was compiled by Leonard Allen. As I read this, my intent is to share random thoughts, quotes, and other helpful expressions as I encounter them. I trust that this will prove beneficial to you the reader as it has been for me.

Today, I have a couple of quotes and thoughts from Ole Hallesby (1879-1961), the Norwegian Lutheran pastor whose most famous work is Prayer and Temperament and the Christian Faith.

In answering the question, Why should we pray?, Hallesby makes this statement: "When he grants our prayers it's because He loves us. When He does not, it is also because he loves us." I think this is extremely helpful to those of us that get all bent out of shape when God is seemingly quiet and our prayers are unanswered. This reminds me of the Methodist mantra, "God is good all the time, all the time God is good."

So, regardless of what you may or may not be experiencing, know that God loves you deeply. In the words of one of my favorite all time songs, "Don't Stop Believing," but keep praying knowing that God has an intense desire to hear from you more and more.