Friday, December 21, 2007

Bill Hybels and Prayer

Bill Hybels, founding pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, offers the following insights when it comes to the discussion on the point of praying in the first place. In his own words, Hybels says that "to people in the fast lane, determined to make it on their own, prayer is an embarrassing interruption." Still, many of us, and as recent studies have shown, even agnostics and atheists admit to praying when they reach difficult points in their life, are drawn to prayer. Here's why:

First, people are drawn to prayer because most of us understand that the "most intimate communion with God comes only through prayer."

Secondly, people are compelled to prayer because they realize that God's power flows primarily to people who pray.

Simply put, when we work,we work; but when we pray, God works. I don't know about you but I'd much rather have God working on some of the seemingly insurmountable things in my life. I know I can't get through them without his help.

So, know that when we fail to pray and spend time in communion with God, we cut ourselves off from God's prevailing power and ability to do more than we could ever imagine. If you're overwhelmed, overrun, beaten down, and generally feeling defeated, there's one quick way to start feeling better immediately - pray and seek God's help.

Despite our inclinations to do it on our own, God never intended for us to live our lives that way. Let God work and let God begin to change your life. That's my prayer...