Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Ultimate Iron Chef

One of my favorite shows on TV most recently has been the show, The Next Iron Chef. In conjunction with that show, our family also enjoys watching the Iron Chef on the same network. Now understand, I'm not a cook and there is really no apparent reason why I would be a fun of such a show. Sure, I like food, but I'm not someone that likes to spend time in the kitchen. For me, the microwave is as complicated as it gets. But watching great chefs as they create food in the kitchen is like watching a great artist create something out of nothing. There is something inspiring about observing such a creation.

As I think on this, I'm reminded of God's remarkable creation out of nothing in the land before time. How awesome would it have been as an observer to God's creation over the course of those 6 days? Seeing the land being formed. Being the first to witness the animals. Having a chance to see the creation of the light that we now take for granted. Wow! If only You Tube was around back then, then we would have had a chance to have seen the Ultimate Iron Chef at work.

So, next time you find yourself looking down upon Kitchen Stadium and witnessing these great chefs at work, remember the Ultimate Iron Chef has made it all possible. After all, we wouldn't be able to witness such a thing if it wasn't for Him.