Thursday, September 02, 2010

Music I'm Digging Now

I thought I'd update you on some great music worth checking out. The first happens to be what's playing this morning at Tower Coffee. It's Arcade Fire's latest titled "Suburbs." Having listened to this a few times through already, I think it's their best yet! Another one that I'm currently digging but haven't listened to as thoroughly is Sufjan Steven's latest release - the EP titled "All Delighted People." So far, so good and well worth checking out. Even more, his new full-length release drops in October and is said to incorporate my favorite instrument of all - the synthesizer - to a large degree. Can't wait! Lastly, have to mention this one. A band I only recently discovered a couple of years ago is the Minneapolis based Cloud Cult. Their songs deal with hearty issues such as end-times, good and evil, etc...Their last release "Tea Partying Through Tornadoes" was my favorite of 2008. Now, this September, their new release "Lightchasers" hits the shelves. I've played a couple of different songs released early to WYCE on my weekly show and their top-notch. Looking forward to listening to the whole thing.

Until next time...