Thursday, May 27, 2010

Willie Nelson Cuts Hair

The BIG news of the day is that the always prolific and much beloved Willie Nelson has cut his hair. Gone now are the long and reddish pigtails that Mr. Nelson sported for as long as my memory has been around; now replaced with short hair like he used to sport earlier in his career (before he looked like Willie Nelson). So, in light of this, what does such a BIG change mean. Well, here's my thoughts - both good and bad.

Here's the Bad :(

Much like Samson (he lost his hair too only it wasn't his decision), suddenly Willie's superhuman powers to write music will suddenly come to a screeching halt. Really, this guy has released a ton of music over his career; especially since being caught by the IRS for all those years of not paying taxes. For every record he sells, a good bit goes straight back to our government. For that, we can thank Mr. Nelson for making good on his debt. So, could this be the end to his powers? Yes, I'm speculating here, but this could happen.

Here's the Good :)

This summer, with Willie touring and playing at all sorts of music festivals, he'll be a lot cooler. I mean, can you imagine how hot it gets playing on stage in 90 degree heat with a head full of hair? I've never had hair as long as Willie but there's days in the summer that I want to shave it all off. So, in this case, I can't blame him at all.

Moreover, rumor has it that he gave his hair to Locks of Love - an organization that makes hairpieces out of donated hair. Both my wife and son Josh donated their hair to this great organization. They look different, feel cooler, and know that they've helped out a wonderful organization that will in turn help out a child. But, (and I'm not downplaying my wife's or my own kids hair) can you imagine how cool that would be to be sporting Willie Nelson's hair as a kid? How cool would that be?

In truth, I wish the country music pioneer much continued success. I'm sure he has a lot of music left in him and he can always grow his hair back out!