Thursday, August 27, 2009

Going Places

I love to go places.  If I had a choice in retirement to stay in one place or to go from place to place, I'd chose the latter.  

I especially like to go to places that I've never been before.  I like to explore cities and towns that are completely new and to do so without much or any agenda.  This is the adventurous spirit in me.  This works that same for me when it comes to music.  I love discovering a new artist, a new song, that I've never heard before!  

But, you know what?  I also enjoy going to places that I've been a hundred times.  Those kind of places where you know every corner, every restaurant, every store.  The kind of place that brings back fond memories time and time again.  In music, there's the "oldies but goodies" that we return to time and time again.  The kinds of songs that we just can't stop listening to.  

Still, in my book, it's always great to come home!  My son Zach said it best after returning from a day trip up north: "Home Sweet Home."  When all is said and done, home is a good place to be. It allows us the most security and comfort and brings us a normalcy that, after being away from for a few days or weeks, we really long for.  

Now that summer is nearly over, the "normal" life of school and work picks back up.  Part of me is sad that the adventurous time of the summer is over but there's another part of me that likes the normal too.  In the end, it's all good and it's all a part of what makes this life that God has given us that much more refreshing and enjoyable.   So, while the normal returns for most of us, the seasons do change and another adventure is sure to be around the next corner.