Friday, January 02, 2009

My New Year's Goals

Most of the time, I'm dead set against making any sort of New Year's Resolutions. Yes, I've done it and like most, I've not lived up to them very well. The problem with resolutions - especially once they are verbalized - is that others will soon remind you how you've so quickly fallen off of the wagon. The main reason we fail, as I see it (and have experienced it), is that we're not truly passionate about it. We really haven't bought into what we are attempting to do (or not do). Yes, we can trick ourselves into being passionate about exercising for a season, but if we're really not wired to exercise in the manner we've chosen, many of us will slowly fade back into our previous way of living.

A couple of years ago, someone graciously purchased our family a 6 month membership at the local YMCA. It was very kind and considerate and we used it early and often as a family. However, as our 6 months was coming to an end, our collective desire as a family to go swim and go exercise began to wane. It just wasn't us. Our kids would rather play basketball, football, baseball (any sport) outside in our yard as opposed to going to the local gym to do so. I would much rather play softball with a bunch of guys (as I did and still hope to continue) than get up at 6 AM to go lift some weights by myself.

All this to say, don't make resolutions you know in your heart of hearts you'll never keep. Set goals instead. If it's to lose weight, find a way you can lose weight that fits who you are. If you love video games, go get the Wii and the Wii fit game and go for it. If you like pick up basketball, find a local league to be part of where you can get your weekly dose of exercise. If you simply need to eat less food, find a unique way that allows YOU to eat less food.

I have many things I'd like to do this year but they aren't resolutions. They're goals or dreams that I have that I hope to achieve. Here's a couple of them that I have and maybe you'd like to have as well. If nothing else, perhaps they'll get you started on coming up with your own unique set of goals.

Read more ~ I feel like I really slacked in this area in 2008 so I want to set some acheivable reading goals for this year.

Listen more ~ I don't listen very well, quite frankly. I need to listen more to God and I need to be a better listener to my wife and kids.

Write more ~ I really love to write but haven't done a whole lot of this lately. One of my goals this year is to write a short story and get it published somewhere.